Saturday, 27 October 2012

{cook, eat, chill}

My architect is coming back again tomorrow to see the house in daylight and measure the house so he can start his drawings.  So excited!!  Starting to consider furniture, it's a bit tricker for me as my style is not ultra modern but that is the look I am going for.


My current sofa is the yellow fabric corner sofa which is shown in my blog here, I don't think I would choose a fabric sofa again.  I've had various spills on it (niece / nephew related and also a glass of red wine!) so its beginning to look a bit worse for wear.  I'd go for leather this, much more practical.  Not 100% on the colour it should be.  The kitchen, walls and flooring will most likely be whites and greys.  So opting for a grey sofa would be safe but I don't want the space being too flat.  I think coloured leather can look a bit naff sometimes.

I like this sofa, its a blend of modern and traditional, found on this website but it doesn't look very good for snuggling up on.

I also like the look of this one (the back is adjustable).

I quite like sofas with the inbuilt chaise.  Again from the same website

From boconcept

[feature chair]

A modern feature chair would be nice for in the bay window.  This one is from BoConcept

[dining table]

I am in love with this table which is chunky wood with metal legs for an industrial feel.  It's available from this website in a massive range of sizes and I would go for the grey wash or natural finish.  Chairs to go with this would probably be modern fabric covered as per the photo or possibly white plastic type chairs.

[wall art]

I bought a Future Map (which is still sitting in the tube!) to improve my geography but I will hang it in the study area I think.  It's massive at about 2m by 1m and I fancy getting an acrylic frame for it.  I love the colours of it.

I love the idea of having a painting but I have never really seen any paintings which I love.  I don't own any paintings. I love the look of oil paintings and their depth.

I really like wall stickers and have fancied a grandfather clock one for a while.  Might be a fun contrast against the modern kitchen.  These are from mod livin'

I don't actually eat marmite but I love this from TheFineArtCompany

Heinz related wall art would be cool.  Some of their advertising campaigns are very clever.

I've just discovered the website Bouf and it has so much cool stuff on it.  Def check it out.  Here are some quirky prints which I think are cool (all from Bouf).

I love this vintage book wallpaper from Bouf, might be able to incorporate into the study area.

[the kitchen]

Finally a work colleague gave me some great tips on buying my kitchen and some contacts.  He also shared a photo of his kitchen which is very similar to the sort of thing I want.  It looks brilliant.  I'm hoping my project will turn out as good as this.

Monday, 22 October 2012

{that wall must come down}

For now I have decided to focus on the basement level first and have arranged for my architect to come round tomorrow night and kick off the design process.  I'm keen to hear his thoughts but my plans have changed slightly since my last post on this.  Where we thought we might have a pantry we will make into a WC and it will definitely be an office / study area rather than a snug.

So over the past week I have been out and about looking at kitchens and bathrooms.  I am most impressed with Kitchens International (and I have a design appt with them on Tuesday next week) and also Laings in Inverurie.  But at this stage I'm just getting ideas.

I have a good idea of how I would like the kitchen to be which is described in my last post.  However, I've started thinking about the fire place for the dining room area and I quite fancy a gas stove.

This image is actually from ASPC and a property which is currently up for sale.  If I went for something like this I would like to have more industrial style dining table and chairs.  A mix of chunky wood and metal.

I also really like cast iron fire places but I think I am leaning towards a gas stove.

You can see more of my inspiration with boards for each room on my Pinterest.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

{industrial perfection}

I have ordered a new bed from for the master bedroom. It's the angelica bed in king size in olive velvet.  It arrives on the 2nd of November (nice birthday treat for me!!).

angelica bed from

I am going to be making tartan curtains for the bedroom using the previously purchased Moon fabric (originally for the dining room).  I need to get bedside cabinets and bedside lamps.  I quite fancy an industrial metal bedside table to contrast with the traditional bed and have been trying to source online.  These are the ones I have found so far:

Quite like these but would want sides and a door for them to hide away all my bits and bobs.

Etsy - shop Jreal

I love these but they are just so expensive I can't justify them (around £1400 for the pair without shipping).  They are the closest thing I have found to my vision though.

Etsy - DavidBarthFurniture
This is an ebay listing which is no longer live.

Found these on a website which are also sold.

Another one which is out of stock from RocketStGeorge

Also like this one from RocketStGeorge which is in stock.

Might be hard to source but I think something similar to the above would work well.  

Regarding the bedside lamps I saw this one in John Lewis the other day but in grey, I am obsessed with grey.  I love it! Classic lamp.

This is the lamp but the website doesn't seem to show it in the grey version.

To tie in with the tartan curtains and the bed I really fancy a stag antler chandelier. I saw one when staying at The Boath House near Nairn and I have recently found out that Burning Embers in Aberdeen sell resin ones which is even better!  Here is something similar I have found online (Esty):

That's all for now.....