Monday, 25 February 2013

{my first period}

Property that is...

I started writing this blog post last night and actually am off work today.  I have a few bits and bobs planned including someone from a damp / rot company coming to the house to discuss a couple of things.  That's the only issue for me with older properties - the maintenance.  But I could still never go new build.  Period properties just do it for me!!

I have owned three properties in my life so far.  I bought my first flat just before turning 21.  It was a two bed Victorian tenement flat in the centre of Aberdeen.  I lovingly stripped back all of the woodwork and restored the doors - heat guns, nitromors, scrapers.....but it was worth it.  I stayed in it for two years before selling.  That was me hooked on the high ceilings and coving.  I've never looked back.  I'm surprised by my own file organisation as have managed to find some photos of it to show you!

Tenement from the outside - a little grubby looking! I was top floor.

My bedroom - the days when brown was my colour of choice (sorry grey!)
Kitchen - I think this looks terrible now but I loved pink!  This was the photo for sale.
My lounge - furniture was a random assortment of stuff I inherited being a poor student!

More pink stuff but these doors were all white when I moved in.
My next property was a ground floor Victorian two bed two public roomed flat in the West end of Aberdeen. I finally had my own front door.  It was like my own little house.  I loved this flat and did a lot of work in it over the four years I stayed there.  Redecorated every room, new flooring throughout (which I installed myself), new fireplace, new kitchen...again got some pics.
The front door of my old flat.  Lovely looking building on a tree lined street.
The lounge the day I moved in...(didn't have my wide angle lens then!!)
The lounge photo for selling. New floor, new blinds, repainted.

My bedroom - previous owners loved blue - carpet and stripes
My bedroom once decorated
Kitchen on the day I moved in - more blue!!

My new kitchen which was from Ikea.  Loved those plum brick shaped tiles!!

Dining Room on the day I moved in.  This wall colour was vile and the fireplace not great either!

Photo for selling - new fireplace, floor and redecorated.  Paint is Box Tree by Crown.  I had plum accessories to pull on the plum tiles in the kitchen.  The door was removed to try and create an open plan flow to the space.

Alternative view of the dining room.

Second bedroom which I used as my photography studio.
Hallway with moulded doors, skirting and plaster cornicing.
The next move was to the house I am in now.  I have been very fortunate with my property purchases making money with each move to build up my capital.  I have many friends who have not been so fortunate.  I do believe in stretching yourself.  No pain no gain is a motto which can be applied to many aspects of life.  I remember days when I literally did not have a penny in my bank account because I was mortgaged up to the hilt!  But it has all worked out in the end and looking back I wouldn't change anything.

I have taken some photos of the period features in my current house but will save them for another blog post as this has ended up quite long....

Bye for now...